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KellSa s.a.s.








Consultation and support are provided for the following activities:


·        Biopharmaceutical and diagnostics projects in selected disease areas and at various R&D stages as indicated on home and mission pages.   


·        Project evaluation, including technology transfer


·        Project coordination, including in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo pharmacology studies


·        Technical writing and current awareness, including strategy reviews of competitor activity and abstracting of conference papers


·        Recruitment


·        Networking


·        Project partnership


·        Medical writing and documentation, including conference proceeding, journal submission and internal re-sourcing


A special service is offered for biopharmaceuticals with R&D projects in bleeding disorders and antithrombotics.

Unique models of haemostasis and thrombogenesis in non-anticoagulated human blood at blood flow conditions simulating those in healthy and diseased blood vessels are available.

Purchasing of models and all non-commercial available components of the model systems, and the necessary special training of the local staff to operate the models are provided by KellSa s.a.s., see “SPECIAL SERVICE”.