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KellSa s.a.s.





The mission is to optimise the processes of drug discovery and pre-clinical and clinical


development of experimental drugs and drug candidates for prophylaxis and treatment of


haemostatic, cardiovascular, metabolic and autoimmune / inflammatory diseases.



Consultation and support are provided for biopharmaceutical and diagnostics projects in the


above indicated disease areas. Other services include analysis of projects and strategies,


recruitment, networking and project partnership.



A special service regards the implementation of human ex vivo models of thrombosis and


haemostasis, including the training of local staff to operate these models.






Kjell S. Sakariassen, Ph.D., F.A.H.A.


KellSa s.a.s.


Str. Campo e Zampe 12


I-13900 Biella, BI, Italy


Tel. +39 015 25 24 359


Mobile. +39 338 904 85 27


Fax. +39 015 25 27 615